Who we are

learn, develop and grow through play

Little Diggers Preschool aims to promote respect for children and families. We understand the importance of their early childhood years. We value the importance of play as children learn, develop and grow through play. With this knowledge, we have created a child-centred program that aims to provide a wide variety of fun, challenging and exciting experiences that are developmentally appropriate and designed to cater for different ages, levels and needs.

We cater for children aged 0- 2 years. Children ages 0-2 join our Kittens group, ages 3-4 join the Pussycats group, and children ages 4 - 5 join the Owl group at our centre. We are confident that the experiences offered at the Centre will support each child in successfully reaching their potential by building confidence and providing meaningful learning opportunities.

Our approach

As early childhood educators believe children who are respected in their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and self-management development grow up having a positive self-image. Therefore, they engage young mobile children in a variety of individual, collaborative and cooperative play and learn activities. Our discovery-based framework to learning encourages children to be curious; to make and to test out predictions about their world in a safe environment.

about play, we believe:

■ children investigate their world through inquisitiveness and discovery

■ children develop a positive self-image; there are no right or wrongs, just lots of ways to make intricate links about the world!

■ children develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally as well as acquire self-management skills.

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A friendship is formed....Visiting our Grandfriends in the care homes

As a part of our weekly programme, we just love visiting the residents in the care homes, affectionately known as the 'Grandfriends'. It is so heart warming to see friendships form between the residents and the children at Little Diggers.   ►   details...


  Wednesday, 17th April, 2019
RSL Lifecare ANZAC Service for the Village and Community

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  Friday 20th December 2019
Christmas Holiday Period

Little Diggers Preschool will be closed for 2 weeks only at Christmas Time. we will re open on Monday 6th Jan 2020   ►   details...


What other's say

The Smithers are thrilled for you guys! What an awesome idea. I know plenty of people who will be delighted about the opening of another centre on the Plateau – especially one run by you guys. Nice work! Smithers