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Laying the foundations of learning

We welcome requests from families to discuss their child’s progress, relationships, interests and experiences. Every day happenings can be discussed at drop off and pick up times. Should you require a more in-depth discussion, an appointment time should be made so that staff can give you their full attention. Child records are kept confidential. Parents have access to their child’s records, and parents are welcome to discuss their child’s development and view their child’s portfolio at any time. These are available on online and at enrolment you will be given login details of the Qeylm program.

Our learning environment is one based on play, where the children’s explorations and interests lead them to different adventures every day. Through play we teach the kids about health and safety, social etiquette, and self-esteem, while helping them to connect with the world, and find their place within it.

Learning through play

■ Dramatic Play: All areas of children’s growth can be stimulated by dramatic play. This active role helps develop the depth needed to create their own concepts. Children are able to explore and discover the complexity of relationships through dramatic play within a safe and secure environment. They learn to nurture baby dolls and bears, practice dressing skills, pretend to cook, and develop friendships through dramatic play.

■ Art Activities: Children are provided with opportunities to explore their creativity at the art table, which enriches their aesthetic appreciation. The finished product of these fine arts, such as painting, collage, drawing, and other activities, is of great value to your child’s development. Through sand and water play, the children are able to develop their fine motor skills, and they start to acquire initial knowledge about science and mathematics. Toddlers are very tactile; they enjoy the feeling of touching and exploring a variety of textures.

■ Toys: Table toys, such as puzzles, constructing toys, manipulative toys, etc., enhance fine motor skills, spatial skills, and the concept of ‘taking turns’. Children are exposed daily to a variety of table toys in a creative number of ways.

We are constantly developing the children’s learning centers, and we encourage parents to share their knowledge about the areas of learning that most appeal to their child, so that we may enhance each child’s individual ability to observe and discover his or her world. The staff is constantly inspired to use creative and welcoming ways to make the Centre fun, enjoyable, and educational for everyone.

■ Group "Circle" Time: As a regular part of our program, this time provides opportunities to participate in movement and singing activities, interactive felt board stories, and puppet shows, to express and share their ideas, and to learn about the world. We take this opportunity to teach children important concepts, such as colours, numbers, days of the week, weather, and the alphabet, among other topics.

The themes are introduced to the children through art activities, dramatic play stories, puppets, music and dance. Children love to discover new concepts. The teaching themes stimulate and challenge the children to develop cognitively, thus preparing them with the skills needed for their educational future.

■ Outdoor Play: To take advantage of our great outdoor space at Little Diggers Preschool, children spend time outside in the morning and in the afternoon. Everyday, varieties of sand and water toys, as well as gross motor equipment, are brought out to enhance the existing playground. Art projects, bubbles, puzzles and books are also frequently set up as outdoor activity choices.

Transition between rooms

We endeavour to make transitioning to other rooms as stress free as possible and assist your child to become secure in their new environment.

Parents are notified when staff feel that their child is developmentally ready to transition into the next room. The decision making process is made by both staff and parents. Careers from other rooms are introduced to parents. Your child's new career will come and collect your child for a short visit into their new room. These visits will increase in length until your child is comfortable with their new environment.

Your child' developmental records will go with them to their new room and carer.

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No visit to see the centre

We love showing our service to prospective families, however during COVID-19 we are following NSW Dept of Health and NSW Education guidelines and accepting NO visitors at this time.   ►   details...


  Thursday 23rd December 2021
Christmas Holiday Period

Little Diggers Preschool will be closed for four our annual end of year break. The service will re open on Monday 10th January, 2022   ►   details...


  Due to COVID we are currently unable to visit our Grandfriends
A friendship is formed....Visiting our Grandfriends in the care homes

As a part of our weekly programme, we just love visiting the residents in the care homes, affectionately known as the 'Grandfriends'. It is so heart warming to see friendships form between the residents and the children at Little Diggers. We hope this may resume. later this year, we still see them and wave through the windows and doors.   ►   details...


What other's say

A centre at the War Vets - that's amazing – well done! As a family with no grandparents in the country we would have loved our children to have had that experience. How special for the kids and the residents. I also think it would be a fabulous news story and the amazing relationships that will develop. Let me know if and when you are keen to get some publicity as I can think of heaps of publications that would be keen to feature that story!