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We partake in regular visits to the residents of the War Vets who have become affectionately known as the 'Grandfriends' . Each class visits a different care home once a week



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We love showing our service to prospective families, however during COVID-19 we are following NSW Dept of Health and NSW Education guidelines and accepting NO visitors at this time.



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Little Diggers Preschool will be closed for two weeks for our annual Christmas Break.



A friendship is formed....Visiting our Grandfriends in the care homes

This is a letter from Jessica, one of the Educators....

Last Wednesday one of our little kids “Louis” (who left for big school this year) returned with his own grandparent to say hello. He also had a card for his grand friend buddy “Dudley” and wanted to drop it in.

I walked them up into Phyllis Stewart and we asked Julie if we could go and say hello to Dudley in his room. She let us in and Louis jumped out to say “surprise!” Dudley and his partner Betty had the biggest grins on their faces. Dudley said “Lord Louis, you’ve come back to me!”

Louis passed on his card, however, Dudley couldn’t open it because his hands were so bad but Louis helped him do it. The message read ”Hi Dudley and Betty, thanks for your Christmas present and card and thanks again for being my big grand friend buddy, I’ve started school now and here is a photo of me in my uniform! Love from Louis”

Dudley started crying and so did Betty, they were so overwhelmed with happiness. Louis hugged them both and began to tell them about going to school and what he’s been up to. His own grandmother was very emotional too, she kept saying how Louis talks about Dudley all the time still and how he has wanted to visit almost every week since starting school.

We all bid them farewell and off he went again but it was quite an emotional conversation for the grand friends – Julie said “You’ve just made their day with that, that will keep them going for a while and they’ll be bragging to their friends!”

Just really re-enforced the grand friends message that we are so proud of at Little Diggers and why it so important we keep visiting.. and just shows that even 6 months after the project we did, how great the buddy system was for at least this pair!


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