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Welcome to the Kittens Room

We know that childcare is a big transition for you and your child. It may take some time for your baby to adjust to the new sights, sounds, people and routines that they will experience at the centre. Take a deep breath. The Kitten teachers are here to work with you so that your child can make the smoothest transition possible into our centre.

Our space is built for babies! Look for bright mirrors, warm rugs, sensory & music tables, toys for pretend play, books and, baskets filled with soft, eye catching and natural materials. 

We also have our own separate outdoor playground to explore. We spend lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine, playing with water, waving to our grand friends in the windows and watching the sky and trees above for birds or planes!!

kittens room
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Daily Routine


Indoor play activities

These are our more structured activities, this can be anything from Duplo, puzzles, dancing & dramatic play in the home corner (doctors/hairdressers/mums and dads) depending on what we are interested in or learning about.

Art & Craft may focus on our current interests or whatever the children choose on that day. We try to provide a range of materials including clay, crayons, paints, leaves, sticks, feathers, paddle pop sticks, cotton wool or an intriguing combination of all these things to create anything we set our minds to.

Sometimes we will have group activities like cooking or large-scale craft, and other times we will have observation-based activities where we are focusing on a particular skill for the children.

We do believe that play is the way to achieve these skills so it’s always done in a fun and engaging way.

We also get our first nappy change of the day done!


Group Time

This is where we say good morning, mark the roll, read stories, and do some music and movement!

We try to vary this time making it interesting and exciting for the children and adapting our programs according to the interest of the group.


Hand wasing & morning tea

We usually eat outside most days. (But sometimes when the weather isn’t great, we’ll move and eat inside)


Outdoor play & nappy changes

We do some more fun activities. We explore gross motor skills on our obstacle course, play with water or in our sandpit, hide in the cubby house and enjoy running out all our wiggles.

While we play our nappies are changed again!


Hand washing & lunch

We are currently having everyone bring their own food from home in a lunch box. We encourage as few packaged items as possible and the rest fresh fruit and veggies.

The children are encouraged to use their ever-developing self-help skills at meal times... retrieving their drink bottles, sitting at the table or in a high chair and feeding themselves where possible.


Sleep, rest & relaxation time

After lunch, it's rest time. No one is forced to sleep, however, many of the younger children do, as being at Kindy can be quite busy! This is important for recharging those batteries after a busy morning!!

We have the lights turned off for earth hour every day! There is usually restful music playing and for those who don't sleep, books and quiet activities are offered.


Nappy changes & afternoon jobs

After a good rest we change those nappies again (the children love to share some pictures books with each other during this time.) Then we sun cream up and get ourselves ready to go outside with hats, shoes and jackets...


hand washing & afternoon tea


Outdoor play time

Our day will be rounded out with one more healthy bout of outside time - we are usually transitioning to the big playground during this time to have all the children grouped together (some of us can even get to see our big siblings from the other classes!)

As the day winds down, we pack away slowly and in summer we stay out as long as we can enjoying the daylight savings weather, in winter it's back to indoor games, drawing, construction and more while we wait for our families to come and pick us up.


Home Time

Our centre closes at 6pm (sharp!!)


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