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Everyday Requirments

So that your child is best prepared for the variety of activities we have here at Little Diggers, here are some ‘everyday requirements’ you will need.

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The daily curriculum at Little Diggers has been designed around play-based exploration; experimentation and learning through developmentally appropriate interactions, environments & activities – this means we often play with water, get dirty in the mud kitchen, use bright paints and textas and play with sensory materials like slime etc.

Whilst we try hard to protect their clothing –accidents do happen! Comfortable and inexpensive clothing is really important! A change of clothes for those ‘in case’ moments lets the children know that they don’t have to stress or worry about what their parents might think!

We ask that you pack the following for your child every day they join us at Little Diggers:

■ For babies and toddlers: We provide nappies and wipes – but you will need to pack two to three complete changes of clothing (and plenty of spare undies if toilet training).

■ For older children: Pack at least one spare change of clothing (even socks!)

■ Please do not dress your child in challenging clothing like overalls, tight or skinny jeans (hard to get off and pull down in hurry to the toilet!) or anything with long cords (as these have the potential to become caught on equipment and may cause serious harm to your child.)

Please label all of your child’s clothing, including jumpers, shoes, hats, etc. It is VERY easy to get children’s clothing mixed up. Please also make sure that clothing is appropriate for the weather – have layering options in their bags!!! In winter it gets VERY cold in our playground, and YES we still go outside when
it’s cold. The children will need puffer jackets, vests and beanies! In summer it gets REALLY hot – loose, cool layers are best! If wearing dresses, shoulders must be covered.

Sun Smart

Our Service’s policy is “no hat, no play”. This policy will be enforced. Parents are asked to provide a hat to wear during outside activities. (We do have a limited box of spares, but with headlice – we don’t like to share too often!)

The most suitable hat is one with a wide brim like a bucket hat which shades the ears and neck, as research is showing a high incidence of skin cancer on people’s ears.

Upon arrival to kindy, please apply sunscreen to your child. We have a stamp on the sign-in bench to indicate to staff that your child has sunscreen applied for the morning. 

Sunscreen is provided by the centre and is regularly applied throughout the day. We use SPF 30 or 50+ on all exposed areas of the skin.

Pick up and drop off

All children are to be brought to the centre, and collected from the centre, by a parent, guardian or nominated adult as written on your XAP information. Staff become familiar with parents and those authorised to pick up their children rather quickly. 

No child will be permitted to leave the centre unless the adult collecting them has been nominated by the parent. We must have written notice and sight the ID of anyone who may be picking up on a special circumstance.

Contact must be made with a staff member by this adult before leaving or taking your child. 

Attendance must be completed via our iPads, detailing the time of arrival and departure of your child. 

Late Collection of Children: a fee of $50.00 for the first 15 minutes or part thereof plus $2.00 per minute after that for children who are not picked up before 6.00 pm.

Parent communication

If we want to create a sense of belonging and welcome here at Little Diggers, then partnerships with families are not optional. Working with parents and families is so rewarding and full of possibilities!

Our service has an open-door policy. Parents and guardians are welcome to visit us at any time.

We endeavour to keep parents up to date with what’s happening at our centre via the XAP app, but please also feel free to call or email to check on your child throughout the day!

More information about what’s on or upcoming can also be found in;

  • Our monthly newsletter
  • Our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Parent emails (e.g) health and safety issues, immunisation reminders or special occasions and events.
Parent grievances

We welcome parents’ comments and concerns in any area of our work and encourage you to speak with us if you have any concerns or comments that may help us improve Little Diggers Preschool or our performance. 

Our educators are always available to discuss the day-to-day care and education of your child, however, if you would like a longer time to discuss your issues, please make an appointment with our director Lynda.