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Food & nutrition

At Little Diggers we love the ethos of the Munch and Move (an educational program designed to encourage healthy eating and being active!) We believe that by offering children healthy food choices we can set up a foundation for a lifetime of healthy and well-balanced eating habits.

Families are asked to bring in a LUNCHBOX for their child each day. (We encourage you to try to have no more than 2 processed items in their lunchboxes)

Some examples of what to include:

  • A sandwich/wrap or even a small container of dinner leftovers/pasta or rice (which staff are happy to heat up!)
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (cut up or whole)
  • Protein sources (yogurt pouches, cheese cubes or sticks)
  • Healthy snacks (muffins, popcorn, rice crackers)

Morning and afternoon tea is provided by the service on either side. We provide fresh fruit and vegetables at each meal along with a rotating menu selection of crackers, toast, biscuits or baked items. We also offer a cup of milk during morning tea and water throughout the day.

Please bring in a DRINK BOTTLE every day. 

food and nutrition
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